Who Are YOU?


We spend so much time looking at the outer shells of people, but what about the inside?

Isn’t it time that we start looking into the souls of others instead of looking at this temporary shell which we all have?
What is permanent? The soul/our spirits are permanent and absolute, but these bodies…. these bodies we live in can be destroyed. They scar, burn, hurt, they lose grip of their minds, and eventually they decay.
So, why? Why would we be placing all of our main focus on something that is so temporary?
Why not focus all of our energy on the ONE AND ONLY thing that goes above and beyond this world? Our souls, our infinite beings, are the only things that can supersede this universe.
Think about how intricate the body is, it’s a miracle. The heart beats, we breath, and pump blood involuntarily. If this is such a powerful source, but can be destroyed, how powerful are our souls then? More powerful than man, which is one of the most amazing creations that we will ever lay eyes upon.
Let’s focus on our TRUE source of power. FEEL your true being, your REAL purpose here.
And to anyone who says they don’t have a soul and that we are just bodies. Good luck with that. How can you possibly think that you are so worthless that this world is all there is to offer? Have you never felt true joy? Have you never felt YOU?
Know yourself for more than the impermanence that you see in the mirror. Seek and you shall find.
I want to make one thing clear though. It is absolutely important for us to focus on OUR OWN bodies, because without them our true being, our spirit would not be able to have an existence here on this earth. So, take care of that body of yours, and good luck to you trying to make anything here happen without it.

Hey ya’ll! We decided to have a little silly fun this morning and write some poetry about #WildWednesday! Hope you get a laugh, we sure did! 🙂

Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself sometimes, it makes life a little more fun!



Good Times At Davey Wayne’s

Alright, I think we all know that by now this spot is no longer a secret. I think we all know that it is at 1611 N. El Centro in H-wood, and you enter through the fridge (so cool!)


A couple of weekends ago Shumei and I started out our adventure by waiting in line for about an hour, maybe a little more. We thought that getting there at 830 would give us plenty of time to beat the crowd…. FALSE! To my understanding, if you want to beat the crowd you have to go during the day time or just be on the guest list 😉

playhouse hwood

(Us at Playhouse Hollywood after Davey Wayne’s)

Now, for the real question, was it really a good time at Davey Wayne’s? Yes, well… it could have been. You see, Shumei and I are the type to mingle with everyone regardless of who you are. Shumei sits on the ground with homeless people for peat’s sake! Well, Davey Wayne’s wasn’t exactly the place to do so. Don’t get me wrong, the decor was fu***** legit! But, this is more of a spot to go for a birthday party with a large group of friends. It was kind of like going back in time and walking into the high school cafeteria at lunch time. Everyone already has their clan to sit and chat with. Which is totally fine! Just not for a couple of gals looking to mingle.

Bottom line, GO TO DAVEY WAYNE’S! You won’t be disappointed by the decor or the STIFF DRINKS! (almost forgot to mention that part, oops) but, no seriously they are hella strong!  Just make sure you bring at least a few friends with you 🙂


PS: ATTN FELLAS! They are pretty strict on the dress code, a couple of guys in line behind us had to leave. So make sure you check out their dress code on their website first: www.goodtimesatdaveywaynes.com

 Bottom line: go to Davey Wayne’s it’s a shit ton of fun

XOXO: ShuHannahgans.


Midget Madness, Leprechaun Apparatus

St. Patty’s day is just another holiday that America came to know and love that we supposedly stole from Ireland, but really didn’t, blah blah blah… In other words, another reason to put on your wastey pants/dresses/skirts/birthday suit.


Our St. Party’s day started out shopping for something green. Because, let’s be honest, who really has anything green and cute in their wardrobe? Green looks like crap on pretty much anyone except for those privileged gingers. But, I would so much rather look bad in green than have to live life without a soul. Just kidding, I like most gingers. I still ended up not  even buying something green. I bought a dress that was blue on the bottom with some splashes of teal on it. Shumei and I decided to tell everyone that I’m just color blind and that she lied to me and said it was “green and super hot on me.”

After talking to these lovely fellows:


We were informed that there was a LIVE LEPRECHAUN (midget) at St. Felix! Okay, honestly I have ALWAYS wanted a pet midget. So, I’m thinking hell yes! The chase was on! This miniature man was stealthy… sort of like a mystical gnome that hides in your garden. After a long chase and waiting outside of the kitchen door for a very long time, we nabbed him for a picture! This cute little thing was not as innocent as he seemed. As soon as we took a seat on his lap all of his innocence was lost. Oh, boy!



Let’s go for a ride the leprechaun said, it will be fun he said. Not so! Well.. maybe a bit of fun 😉

After our ride on the little person we jaunted on over to the Piano Bar. Nothing too crazy happening at that joint except for a quick Guinness and some great tunes. Oh, and this sparkling dude. LOVE HIS JUMPSUIT!!! Men, take note. You WILL be a chick magnet in a get up like this:


Overall, our St. Patty/Party day was another muthaeffin WIN!

Boomshackalackaaaa 🙂

****Today, take a step towards where you are wanting your life to go that you didn’t dare to take yesterday. Even if it’s a small step. And before you know it, you will find yourself at the top baby! ShuHannahgans will see you there. Cheerio!****


If You Want The Rainbow, You Gotta Put Up With The Rain

Rain: Wet socks. Ruined hair. Even more reckless driving…if that’s even possible.. oh wait, yea, it totally is.

When the storm clouds drift over our sunshine state most of us hide away in our homes. We delay the errands we had to run and the plans we had made, because “Duh, I don’t want to get wet and ruin my hair…”

As for Hannah and I, well we had other adventures planned for that damp blustery night. Another night headed out to L.A.! Surprised?.. I’m guessing you’ve all caught onto our trend by now.

From our early posts about our L.A. adventures, I mentioned that I got the opportunity to meet bar and restaurant owner John Arakaki. He has been so warm and welcoming every time we’re around the area and invited us to The Powder Room’s mirror installation showcase that rainy Thursday night. When I first held an impromptu interview with John, he had mentioned that they were in the early stages of the mirror installation. They wanted to vamp up the decor in the bar to create the illusion of a more open space. I was really excited to come back after a few weeks and check out the finished work.


Here’s the ever so gorgeous bar, The Powder Room:

reelPR mirrorsPR

ladderPR pictureswus

After hanging out and having a couple of their signature cocktails, we headed out in our trench coats to roam the blocks of L.A. Hannah and I splashed through the puddles, arm in arm and encountered a promoter who asked if we wanted to check out Playhouse. Since we had never been in there before, we agreed to see what it was all about. Playhouse was…interesting. The DJ was playing your typical Top 40’s hits, nothing extraordinary. However, aside from the routine music that was playing, I did notice that Playhouse was a pretty decent size compared to some of the lounges/clubs that we have been in before. Which was a little refreshing since there was more room to move around. The back bar and ceiling lights were really pretty. Little lanterns hanging all over, made the ceiling look like a starry night. I’ve read up on some reviews about Playhouse and the bartenders, most of them were pretty negative. So I guess as a heads up, make sure they don’t double charge your card. Hannah and I didn’t run into that problem since we didn’t purchase any at the bar. The crowd it drew in that night wasn’t much of our scene either. It was the stardard club vibe where the promoters try and put you up at the front tables to draw in more guys.. Hannah and I decided to dip after they asked us to do that.


playhousebar playhouselightstypicwus

 As we meandered the streets, we saw a packed bar across from where we were walking. It was loud, it looked rowdy….we had to go in. As we approached the front, I quickly realized we were going to stick out like sore thumbs in our skirts, trench coats, and booties. Why? Because it just so happened to be a hard punk rock bar. It was so awesome. Apparently we missed the show that played in the back room, but we weasled our way to the bar through the crowd. The drinks were on the cheaper side than most bars in Hwood, which is always nice. The crowd was a variety of eclectic characters who were all very friendly. We stirred up a lot of good conversations with the group that was in that bar. The bartenders were super friendly and quick as well. I definitely want to head back to check out a show one day!

Here’s some pictures of Loaded:

 loadedpic picwustattoo