Meet “The Kids On McCadden”

I had the privilege to listen to this energetic, soulful, emotional, fun, and talented group at the Universal Bar and Grill a few weeks back. They are The Kids On McCadden! The vibes that this band put out are amazing! You can tell that they are really invested in their music and are in it for more than just putting on a show. Take a listen to their song “Jefferson And Me.”


After the song pictured above was performed a man yelled out to the vocalist, “You have an amazing voice!” That could not be truer. She was great! So was the rest of the crew.

As far as Universal Bar and Grill goes, the crowd was alright. There was a mixture of older folks and younger spirits. I will say that if you want to meet a plethora of people in the music industry then this is the place to socialize! I don’t think there was a single person that I talked to that wasn’t striving toward a career in some sort of involvement with music, which I think is great!

Also, met another talented musician who goes by the name of Josh Moreland. Where do I begin? Check him out for yourself!

What more do I need to say, other than it was another night in LA!

Didn’t stop there though 🙂 Pshh, heck! When DO the ShuHannahgans stop?! (Hopefully never)

After I left Universal and dropped off a couple of the “kids” (On McCadden) I headed to Valley Village to check out a spot that has basically every single beer you could think of. I went with a great guy named Keith that I met through a mutual friend 😉 It was called the Brickyard Pub.

Obviously with my love for dark brews I started at the darkest and worked down to the lighter, of course I didn’t make it too far though.. oops.

This place was the bomb though! Pool tables galore, picnic table style seating, chalkboard menu, every beer was in a bottle, and nothing on draft. Darts, photo booth (ah yeahhhh!) 🙂 The style was pretty rustic, but not too dark!

Here’s a few of the guests at Brickyard enjoying a round of darts!


And… your main attraction!


Cheers to another night!

A tip from Hannah: Picture this scenario the next time you are out and about and feeling down in the dumps. If you were to throw your drink on someone, you would change their entire night. Think about it. They would either go home, feel like crap, or be too drunk to notice. Now, think about how much power an action as simple as that gives you. Now change it around to a positive situation. You give your number to someone who thinks you’re great. You literally just made their entire night. They are now confident and not concerned with anyone else in sight. Once again, you have taken complete control of a situation. YOU HAVE THIS POWER EVERY SINGLE DAY THAT YOU ARE ALIVE! Are you going to use it in a positive light or a negative light? If you don’t like something, change it! If you love it, invest in

it! After all, what is life without adventures and happiness?


Parking attendants… Can’t live with em’ can’t live without em’! 😉


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